Friday, February 18, 2011

Still Water

Amber Valetta for Vogue US

Two words come to mind when l look at this , eerie and Hitchcock ...RAD

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  1. Totally Hitchcock! It's got me making up stories in my head...
    Really cool editorial.

    I watched 'Exit through the gift shop' yesterday. I had heard bits and pieces about Banksy from friends befor but had no idea just how amazing his work was. Some of that shit they do is bloody crazy!
    I really liked those little mosaics that space invader was making.I had the feeling i had seen them befor, maybe i have...i'll be keeping my eyes open around the streets a lot more.
    My man even sat down to watch it, it did end in us having a intellectual debate (first one ever) about that Thierrry guy and his exhibition...pretty funny to be talking art with him as he never show interest in anything but his soccer.

    Thank heaps for letting me know about...loved it!